Arrcus: Meeting the Next Big Challenge in Network Infrastructure

July 16, 2018 | Randy Bush

While I am a member of the technical staff here at Arrcus, I want to emphasize that everyone is a member of the technical staff here—we’re a flat organization. I’ve been in computing for 53 years, and the industry has changed tremendously over that time period. What I’m doing now at Arrcus though, in spite of still being under wraps for the moment, is very exciting.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on enabling Internet in many parts of the world. Today, it’s about bringing the next wave of innovation and connectivity, which Arrcus is brilliantly positioned to do at the infrastructure layer. So where is the infrastructure industry headed?

The keys of today’s network infrastructure

Today, infrastructure must be an enabler for innovation, which itself means that it must be radically more efficient than it is today. This means that operational expenditures as well as capital expenditures must be reduced. To make this a reality, today’s network infrastructures must be built around three key elements:

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Security

In turn, each of these key elements is driven by automation and formalized, data-driven methods that enable scaling.

Scaling is key because with the diverse and growing uses of the internet and network infrastructure today, networks must be able to work reliably from small to very large scale. Adapting to various network sizes can be enabled through abstracted, programmable APIs and data-driven templates built for easy deployment. These must be able to be deployed, controlled, measured, and debugged at scale. That’s the basic recipe for a modern network infrastructure, and making it a reality for organizations is a big part of why I’m here at Arrcus.

Arrcus: delivering the network infrastructure keys

While the broad vision of evolving network technology may be the end goal of why I’m here at Arrcus, my own motivations for joining the team start with the team itself. Arrcus has an amazing, solid technical team with a wealth of experience building great products and achieving success across all dimensions.

Arrcus’s product philosophy is also very important. Arrcus has a desire to build a different class of networking software that starts with a secure foundation, scalability, ease of use, and serious flexibility in deployment. The challenge used to be simply bringing the Internet to everyone in the world. Today, that task has been largely completed, and the new challenge is delivering the latest innovations in connectivity to the whole world. Arrcus is brilliantly positioned to do just that on the infrastructure layer.