Convergence of Cloud and Communications worlds: Why Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud environments are even more critical.

August 12, 2022 | Sanjay Kumar

The announcement made by AWS about launching a new private 5G service today underscores the convergence of cloud and communications worlds. This only reinforces what we at Arrcus have believed in this trend fueling the delivery of new enterprise services. And now this convergence is clearly at a tipping point. 

However, dependence of such services on single hyperscale clouds can be a nightmare for availability and disaster recovery. We believe that enterprises should seek multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services so they don’t get locked into a single cloud vendor and can fully realize the benefits of modern networks. And this requires a multi-cloud networking solution that is vendor agnostic.

At Arrcus we are dedicated to bringing multi-cloud networking to enterprises, service providers and colocation providers. We’ve successfully illustrated this in our recent work with CoreSite, a leading provider of datacenter, cloud and colocation services. 

The Arrcus ACE Multi-cloud networking (MCN) solution allows organizations to seamlessly extend their on-prem networks to cloud providers and co-location providers with a flexible deployment architecture and robust security. ACE MCN is the industry's first multi-cloud solution that supports multi-tenancy to allow you to share your cloud infrastructure with your partners and offer network segmentation with a consistent policy. Database separation per tenant ensures data isolation and prevents inadvertent malicious access. Designed for digital-first enterprise organizations, the Arrcus multi-cloud networking platform consisting of ArcEdge, as a secure data plane software and ArcOrchestrator dramatically shortens multi-cloud networking set up time from days to hours. Operationally simplify ongoing management by automating and orchestrating with popular frameworks including HashiCorp Terraform, Ansible playbooks, and RestAPI. Built from the first principles for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments, the ACE multi-cloud networking platform is a fully integrated and cloud-native solution.

The MCN solution with Arrcus ACE platform is available in various form factors – containers, VM, software on white box hardware, and the cloud. Enterprises and service providers can seamlessly deploy this solution anywhere - access, data center, or cloud. Enterprises can leverage ACE MCN to sustain the rapid growth of applications and data distributed globally and adopt a new architecture that delivers hyper-scale multi-cloud networking solutions with reliable scale, predictable performance, and seamless orchestration.

Learn more about our solutions, and contact us to see how Arrcus can provide your business with the most secure, resilient and scalable multi-cloud connectivity solution.