Arrcus Emerges From Stealth, Re-Imagines the Operating System for Modern Networking Infrastructure

ArcOS in Active Trials at the World’s Largest Organizations, Liberating Them From Proprietary Vertically Integrated Network Equipment

Today Arrcus, the provider of the software that powers network infrastructure and its transformation for the interconnected world, formally launched and released its first product, ArcOS, an independent, hardware agnostic network operating system. ArcOS enables organizations to cost effectively build massively scalable infrastructure across physical, virtual and cloud network environments while delivering superior performance, security and deployment flexibility.

Arrcus also announced $15 million in Series A funding from General Catalyst and Clear Ventures:

“I am excited about Arrcus and the impact it will have on our industry. ArcOS is a fundamental building block to assure a new generation of cloud infrastructure devices, including switches and routers, as they gain mainstream adoption. In particular, ArcOS delivers open orchestration, standards-based APIs, per module restartability plus security, best-in-class protocols with minimal open source dependency. All of this is important as IT becomes a key innovation enabler through smarter infrastructure. ArcOS can be deployed physically, virtually and in the cloud which is key for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments,” said Nick Lippis, co-chairman of Open Networking Users Group (ONUG).

The networking industry is a multi-billion market dominated by a small number of vertically integrated network equipment vendors. Lack of choice keeps prices high and the rate of innovation low resulting in customers having limited control of their networking infrastructure. In recent years, there has been an explosion in next generation networking silicon options with advanced functionality and accelerating feature velocity that is transforming what is possible. As a result, there are many options of fully featured, high quality, cost efficient network hardware systems that are readily available from multiple original design manufacturers (ODMs) but their adoption has been slow.

Until ArcOS, the industry has lacked a viable independent network operating system that unleashes the transition from being vertically integrated to the best-in-class horizontally segmented solutions. As a independent hardware agnostic operating system, ArcOS lets companies transform the way they manage their networks in either greenfield or brownfield environments, liberating them from vertically integrated proprietary solutions and opening the door to horizontally diversified choices of best-in-class silicon and hardware systems.

Arrcus co-founder and CEO Devesh Garg said: “We use ‘network different’ as our approach because it enables the freedom of choice through our product innovation. Arrcus has assembled the world’s best networking technologists and is bringing game-changing capabilities to market while re-defining the business model to make it easier to design, deploy and manage large scale networking solutions for our customers.”

Arrcus enables open networking for the following use cases:

  • Spine-Leaf Clos for data center workloads
  • Internet peering for CDN providers and ISPs
  • Resilient routing to the host
  • Massively scalable route-reflector clusters in physical/container form-factors

“StackPath’s industry-leading edge delivery platform depends on having a resilient and massively-scalable network. As such, we partner with companies like Arrcus so that we can deploy programmable hardware based on open standards across our entire infrastructure and still meet our strict networking requirements,” said Wen Temitim, CTO at StackPath. “In addition to the platform flexibility, ArcOS provides easy-to-consume, standards-based OpenConfig/YANG programmable APIs that drive significant operating and deployment efficiencies through automation.”

ArcOS’ architectural priorities included a modular micro-services paradigm, advanced Layer 3 routing capabilities and an open and standards based autonomous platform. Key elements include a hyper-performance resilient control plane, an intelligent Dataplane Adaptation Layer (DPAL), Data-Model Driven Telemetry and consistent YANG/OpenConfig APIs for easy programmatic access.

ArcOS is the first independent networking operating system to have been ported to both Broadcom’s StrataDNX Jericho+ and StrataXGS Trident 3, bringing the most advanced switch-on-chip capabilities to the market from the industry leader. In addition, ArcOS, in conjunction with Broadcom’s StrataDNX Jericho+ platform, supports the full BGP internet routing table which opens up new market opportunities.

“As the market leader in merchant silicon switch SoCs, we are excited to see the launch of Arrcus and their support for Broadcom’s StrataDNX Jericho+ and StrataXGS Trident 3 platforms,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Switch Products at Broadcom. “Building on the industry’s most pervasive silicon platforms, the ArcOS carrier-grade network operating system will further drive the adoption of our networking switch products offering new levels of programmable switching platforms, enhanced network telemetry and high scale required for the data center and edge environments.”

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About Arrcus
Arrcus’s founding vision is to enrich human experiences by interconnecting people, machines and data. The company’s mission is to provide software powered network transformation for the interconnected world. The Arrcus team consists of world class technologists, from networking, routing, infrastructure and automation environments, who have an unparalleled record in shipping production quality products and are complemented by industry thought leaders, operating executives and company building strategic investors. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, go to or follow Arrcus on Twitter @arrcusinc.

ODMs on Arrcus

Celestica VP of Service Provider Steven Dorwart said: “Celestica is pleased to be a partner with Arrcus as they continue to evolve the growing market demand for open networks. Arrcus has a unique offering which is particularly well suited for higher performance hardware designs and delivers maximum flexibility and cost savings across network deployments. We look forward to collaborating with Arrcus in their exciting future.”

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd Head of Operations Jay Huang said: “ArcOS delivers the network visibility and control that our customers demand. Operational control and innovation from Arrcus with our generation of fixed and modular systems delivers massive network scale. We at Delta Electronics are excited to be working with Arrcus to deliver an open networking solution that will drive the disaggregated value proposition to its fullest market potential.”

Quanta Computer Inc. Senior Vice President and Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) President Mike Yang said: “The rate of innovation and convergence of switching and routing is at an all-time high. Arrcus is delivering a carrier class networking operating system optimized to scale from the data center to the provider edge. With our leading-edge portfolio of compute, storage, and networking products, QCT is the ideal solutions provider to enable the innovative capabilities of ArcOS for our hyperscale customers worldwide. Together we deliver a solution with best-in-class quality, economics and time-to-market benefits for our customers.”

Edgecore Networks CEO George Tchaparian said: “Edgecore offers a broad set of open network hardware platforms that reach beyond the data center into service provider and enterprise markets that have been traditionally served by incumbent vendors with integrated proprietary solutions. We look forward to working with Arrcus as they fill the need for a disaggregated network operating system that meets the robustness, resiliency and scalability requirements for those markets.”