Arrcus Enables SoftBank Corp. to Commence Field Trials of 5G MEC


SRv6 Mobile User Plane technology simplifies the deployment of network slicing for fixed wireless and MEC infrastructure

BARCELONA, Spain. –Feb. 27, 2024 – Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in core, edge, and multi-cloud routing and switching infrastructure, announces its successful collaboration with SoftBank Corp. in advancing automated network slicing and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure. This milestone is made possible through the utilization of SRv6 Mobile User Plane (SRv6 MUP) technology, developed in collaboration between SoftBank Corp. and Arrcus, and provides a cost-effective solution for the streamlined delivery of innovative 5G services.

SRv6 MUP, a standards-based technology, harnesses the network programmability and substantial address space of Segment Routing v6 (SRv6) to seamlessly integrate and streamline mobile networks with IP routing. It facilitates the implementation of network slicing and MEC in a simpler and cost-effective manner compared to conventional networks. As compared to traditional networks where packets could be intercepted in hop-by-hop routing, the steering mechanism of SRv6 delivers higher security by steering the packets to a precise designated point in the network.

SoftBank Corp. is in trial for 5G MEC using SRv6 MUP at the edge of its network with this technology for the deployment of latency-sensitive applications such as AR/VR/AI by ensuring low latency and high bandwidth. Notably, SoftBank has rolled out 5G MEC in the Kyushu region for its 5G Standalone service, ensuring the shortest possible path to mobile users regardless of their location.

In a more recent field trial development, SoftBank Corp. has successfully deployed SRv6 MUP technology in the music industry, where a fast, low-latency network is crucial. This achievement is made possible by utilizing SRv6 MUP within the 5G network to establish direct mobile-to-mobile connections, eliminating latency-inducing communication paths. Consequently, this service enables real-time collaboration among group members, enhancing the music experience.

"Our collaboration with SoftBank highlights our shared commitment to driving 5G innovation forward,” said Shekar Ayyar, CEO and Chairman at Arrcus. “SoftBank’s commercial deployment of SRv6 MUP marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing mobile networks, paving the way for a more cost-effective and agile future."

“Our collaboration with Arrcus has been instrumental in our progress towards realizing the full potential of 5G,” said Keiichi Makizono, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer (CIO) at SoftBank Corp. “We are now moving to commercial deployment with SRv6 MUP technology and delivering exciting new services while optimizing our network efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.”

SoftBank Corp.'s successful implementation of SRv6 MUP underscores its potential to revolutionize the 5G landscape. With its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and automation capabilities, SRv6 MUP stands poised to empower operators worldwide to deliver a new generation of innovative and profitable 5G services.

Arrcus will be showcasing a demo of this joint solution utilizing SRv6 MUP technology during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visit the Arrcus stand in Hall 2, Stand 2D41 to experience the demonstration or secure a meeting with the an Arrcus executive here.

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