Arrcus enables SoftBank Corp. to demonstrate automated 5G Network Slicing by Using SRv6 MUP with SRv6 Flex-Algo


ArcOS delivers advanced traffic engineering capabilities to reduce complexity in delivery of 5G Services

News Summary:

  • SoftBank Corp. showcases SRv6 Mobile User Plane technology using Arrcus NOS (ArcOS)
  • SRv6 MUP and SRv6 Flex-Algo simplify delivery and accelerate TTM of 5G services like network slicing and MEC commercial services

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Sept. 20, 2022 – Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in cloud-to-edge network infrastructure, today announced its enablement of SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) to successfully demonstrate automated network slicing over 5G mobile networks and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) applications, running with ArcOS – a key component of Arrcus’ ACE networking software stack. In this demonstration, SRv6 MUP with SRv6 Flex-Algo from Arrcus provided advanced traffic engineering capability to extend a 5G network slice to MEC applications with seamless automation, without the need for additional 5G equipment. SoftBank also verified SRv6 MUP interoperability with 5G equipment in its laboratory. The yearlong trial will now proceed to the next step, preparing SRv6 MUP technology for commercial deployment.

SoftBank’s pioneering introduction of SRv6 MUP to standards-based 5G will allow mobile traffic to be forwarded flexibly across the transport network and into the cloud – bridging the gap between mobile and native technologies and helping to establish a simplified, cost-effective solution to high-speed connectivity between the mobile networks and applications.

The simplified approach to network slicing enables operators to introduce 5G services like network slicing and MEC commercial with reduced time to market (TTM) with reduced operational complexity.

“Arrcus is excited to work with industry leader SoftBank on this innovative approach, leveraging our ACE platform that is highly programmable with advanced traffic engineering features, to realize the vision of 5G services with a simplified approach,” said Shekar Ayyar, CEO and chairman at Arrcus.

SoftBank and Arrcus will showcase this 5G network slicing system in a TM Forum Catalyst Project at the Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2022, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, during Sept. 20-22 this year. As part of the TM Forum Catalyst project, “Modernizing 5G Service Delivery,” this demo system will show automated MEC application stitching to a 5G network slice. In this demonstration, ArcOS with SRv6 MUP and SRv6 Flex-Algo will be deployed in a virtual laboratory for the demonstration. Arrcus continues to collaborate with additional partners to advance SoftBank’s end-to-end vision.

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