Arrcus IP Clos Networking

Simple, scalable, and seamless IP data center Clos fabrics

ArcOS Automation with Ansible = FUN^3
Freedom of Hardware

Supports a multitude of hardware options in terms of chipsets, speeds, & port types across switching & deep-buffer routing merchant silicon

Modern Architecture

Architected from first principles as a microservices-based networking software with scale, performance, and availability as key pillars

Automation Frameworks

Seamless integration with modern automation frameworks such as Ansible, Terraform etc.

Routing everywhere with massively scalable data centers

5G, edge computing deployments continue to ramp up, driven by explosive growth in rich media content, hyper-connected users/devices, and mobile traffic. The scale and performance requirements are driving a re-think of the entire underlying network infrastructure, whether it be for on-prem, edge, or multi-cloud deployments as data centers are now in all parts of the network.

IP Clos is the preeminent architecture among data centers for its ability to scale east-west. Merchant silicon advancements have allowed routing to go closer to hosts. As data centers scale out the only way to continue to operate at scale is through automation of provisioning, policy, and process.

The Arrcus IP data center Clos fabric

Built from first principles, the Arrcus IP Clos solution uses ArcOS, the industry-leading, open networking software to enable massively scalable data center Clos fabrics. Furthermore, the innovative BGP Link State Vector Routing (LSVR) technology, along with the standards-based OpenConfig models, significantly reduces operational complexity and costs while enriching design choices. The ArcOS IP Clos solution addresses the above challenges by providing the following:

  • Architected with scale, performance, and availability as key pillars
  • Supports switching and deep-buffer routing merchant silicon hardware
  • Supports Clos-wide resiliency, process restartability, and rapid software upgradability
  • Seamless integration with modern automation frameworks such as Ansible, Terraform etc.
  • Seamless connectivity between on-prem and cloud environments using Arrcus’s MCN solution

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