Arrcus collaborates with Red Hat to Accelerate Multicloud Networking


Las Vegas, Nevada – Mobile World Congress – September 27, 2023 – Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in core, edge and multi-cloud network infrastructure, is excited to announce a collaboration with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions. With this collaboration, Arrcus FlexMCN is now a certified Red Hat OpenShift Operator to help extend multicloud networking capabilities for service providers.

Today's telecommunications, communication service providers (CSPs), and large enterprises face the challenge of managing global workloads distributed across various data centers, private clouds, and public cloud environments. These workloads often rely on disparate protocols that hinder seamless interoperability, resulting in operational inefficiencies.

In collaboration with Red Hat, Arrcus brings a cloud-native approach, leveraging containerized and virtualized solutions, to help businesses adapt to the demands of the digital era. The centerpiece of this collaboration is the Arrcus multi-cloud networking platform, known as FlexMCN built on Arrcus’ ACE platform, which offers unmatched scalability, hyperscale performance, and cloud-native security for interconnecting enterprise data centers with cloud regions worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

FlexMCN is tailored for service providers, colocation providers, and telcos, enabling them to extend their on-premise networks to multicloud environments seamlessly. This solution is readily available on major public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud platform. FlexMCN stands out as a premier multicloud solution supporting multitenancy, allowing cloud infrastructure sharing with partners and network segmentation with consistent policies.

Deploying and managing ArcEdge virtual routers across virtual private clouds (VPCs) and virtual networks (VNETs) in any region and cloud environment is simplified through the intuitive ArcOrchestrator console. Service providers can effortlessly deploy, connect, and secure numerous ArcEdges at scale, offering hub-spoke, full-mesh, or hybrid connectivity options. Furthermore, it simplifies cloud migration across multicloud environments with support for private and overlapping IP addresses along with network address translation.

Optimized to run on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes, FlexMCN empowers organizations to more easily deploy, configure, manage, and orchestrate virtual routers, network functions, and applications across multiple clouds and edge environments. FlexMCN on Red Hat OpenShift addresses the complexities and scalability demands of transport networks, including those with 5G capabilities. Service providers and enterprises can provide high-capacity, low-latency, and network slicing-capable network services to their customers.

"Our collaboration with Red Hat marks a significant milestone for our customers, bringing together Arrcus' cutting-edge network operating system with Red Hat's open source expertise,” said Arrcus Chairman and CEO, Shekar Ayyar. “We are excited about this collaboration as it empowers customers with a future-proof, scalable, and automated networking solution that can propel digital transformation to new heights."

FlexMCN on Red Hat OpenShift aims to help service providers break free from the constraints of traditional networking models, offering autonomous application and service orchestration across the entire distributed infrastructure network and connectivity layers. This enables service providers with a more seamless connectivity experience, increased operational efficiency, and access to next-generation technologies. By optimizing the Arrcus ACE platform, renowned for its flexible consumption model and cost-effectiveness, and Arrcus FlexMCN with Red Hat's open hybrid cloud solutions, customers can harness the best of both worlds to realize their business objectives.

Mark Longwell, director, Telco and Edge Alliances, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Red Hat, emphasized the commitment to delivering modernized networks, stating, "As organizations aim to achieve greater connectivity across the enterprise, Red Hat is dedicated to collaborating with our partner ecosystem to deliver hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and applications. Our collaboration with Arrcus delivers a unified and flexible networking infrastructure deployable from the data center to the edge."

Arrcus invites you to explore these groundbreaking solutions at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, booth 510. Join us at the Arrcus booth for live demonstrations and the opportunity to meet Arrcus executives. To schedule a meeting with Arrcus, please click here.

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