Arrcus Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN)

Hyperscale multi-cloud network with cloud-native security

Simple and secure cloud connectivity with hyperscale performance

Designed for digital-first enterprise organizations, the Arrcus multi-cloud networking platform consisting of ArcEdge, as a secure data plane software and ArcOrchestrator dramatically shortens multi-cloud networking set up time from days to hours. Operationally simplify ongoing management by automating and orchestrating with popular frameworks including HashiCorp Terraform, Ansible playbooks, and RestAPI. Built from the first principles for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments, the Arrcus multi-cloud networking platform is a fully integrated and cloud-native solution

The solution offers

Architectural Flexibility

Deploy, connect and secure thousands of ArcEdges in your data center, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms with hub-spoke, full-mesh, or hybrid connectivity models

Cloud-Native Security

Seamlessly deliver access and authentication-based security policies integrated with the always-on AES-256 encryption for all traffic along with IAM, security groups and NACLs

Orchestration Integration

Deploy and manage ArcEdges in data center and cloud with uniform global templates, single set of variable constructs, and runtime scripts with support for HashiCorp Terraform, Ansible playbooks, RestAPI, and OpenConfig/YANG models

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