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BGP-EVPN multi-tenant data center Clos fabrics

ArcOS + ArcIQ EVPN VxLAN Solution
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Simplified Operations

With LSVR, the underlay, overlay, and internet routing can be consolidated into a single protocol (BGP), simplifying network operations owing to reduced configuration and tooling requirements

Scale-Out Performance

Eliminating data plane flood/learn and learning endpoints via the BGP protocol along with symmetric IRB and distributed anycast gateway allows the network to grow to a large scale

Seamless Integration

Standards-based OpenConfig/YANG models allow for easy integration into provisioning frameworks such as Ansible

Scalability with host mobility

Data centers are in need of finding solutions to their ever-increasing requirements of scale, performance, host mobility, and reduced failure domains. The data center journey has evolved from the redundancy, efficiency, and scale limitations of Spanning-Tree (STP) to packet encapsulation (MAC-in-IP).

EVPN VXLAN addresses these needs using VXLAN, a standards-based encapsulation used in the data plane, with BGP EVPN on the control plane. It provides a MAC and IP information distribution using BGP, a larger namespace in the overlay, and leverages layer 3 ECMP.

The Arrcus BGP-EVPN multi-tenant data center Clos fabric

Built from first principles, the Arrcus EVPN VXLAN Clos solution uses ArcOS, the industry-leading, open networking software to enable massively scalable, multi-tenant data center Clos fabrics. The ArcOS EVPN VXLAN solution addresses the above challenges by providing the following:

  • A programmable infrastructure with an open set of APIs
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Standards-based VXLAN overlays
  • Total host and IP mobility (decoupling the identity of a host to its location)
  • Reduced costs with the freedom to choose from a wide variety of merchant silicon hardware

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