Arrcus Delivers Hyperscale Economics with the Industry’s First Virtualized Distributed Router (VDR)

ArcOS Powers Massively Scalable, Highly Distributed Solution for 5G and Beyond

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company is re-defining the routing landscape with the introduction of its virtualized distributed routing (VDR) solution that is designed to meet and exceed the most challenging needs of communication service providers (CSP) and enterprises. The Arrcus VDR solution provides seamless connectivity for workloads across on-premise, multi-cloud, and edge environments, enables simplified manageability and operations compared to monolithic chassis-based solutions while also offering disruptive economic benefits.

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Explosive increase in demand for fixed wireless access driven by 5G, V2X (Vehicle to Everything), mobile internet, video and content-rich services, machine-to-machine communications, AI/ML, next-generation gaming, AR/VR, and IOT are all catalysts for a digital-first network. This era of uber-connectivity requires technological innovations and efficient operational management of critical IP network infrastructure that deliver throughput, low latency, and high-density solutions while controlling costs. The Arrcus VDR solution supports customers’ business requirements with a massively scalable solution that delivers superior performance, security, and deployment flexibility at a lower cost per port.

VDR is powered by ArcOS®, the proven, resilient, microservices-based network operating system built from first principles and leverages its industry-leading route scale and convergence times. The hardware elements of the VDR solution include a distributed, Clos data plane incorporating Broadcom’s high-speed, high-density Jericho2- (Leaf: 40x100G NIF + 13x400G Fabric) and Ramon-based (Spine: up to 48 ports of 400G) platforms. Additionally, x86 based servers provide an off-device, virtualized, scale-out control plane cluster that manages all the Clos data plane elements. This solution decouples the control plane from the data plane, allowing them to scale independently from one another and far beyond the size limits imposed by chassis-based systems. As a result, communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises can resolve the disruptive growth needed in bandwidth while reducing operational complexity.

“To better serve our customers, meet strict SLAs and scale in the 5G era, we require solutions that advance our infrastructure in a scalable, reliable, and flexible manner,” said Dorian Kim, VP of IP Engineering for the Global IP Network at NTT Ltd. “Arrcus is leading the transformation of the industry with its innovative virtualized distributed router. This solution combined with ArcOS and its key capabilities such as segment routing IPv6 (SRv6) enables the operational scale and performance that we require.”

The VDR architecture is built to support any type of silicon with the current generation scaling up to 7680 ports of 100G (offering 768Tb performance), making it the highest capacity router available in the market. In addition, VDR is designed with cloud-native principles and runs networking services (e.g., IP, L2VPN, L3VPN, EVPN, SR-MPLS, SRv6, etc.) in independent containers, allowing them to scale horizontally. Operationally, the VDR solution is simple and seamless as it can be deployed anywhere in the network and can be managed as a single device. This allows the network user the ability to load, configure, operate, and troubleshoot the router as a single logical box with the control plane cluster acting as that single point of control and management.

“Leveraging Jericho2, our state-of-the-art silicon built for high-performance routing needs, the Arrcus virtualized distributed routing solution delivers the agility and operational efficiency that customers demand,” said Ram Velaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. “We are excited to collaborate with Arrcus and expand router-based solutions that deliver industry-leading scale.”

Distributed and hyperconnected networks with massive scale also require a centralized analytics platform for visibility, control, security, and effective operational management. Arrcus’s deep visibility and analytics cloud-ready platform, ArcIQ, is integrated with the VDR system offering real time insights that include configuration and debuggability capabilities as well as network health of each and every node.

“Communication service providers are accelerating toward a software-driven, virtualized paradigm shaped by market dynamics that require enabling new business models, increasing operational efficiency, and improving their end-customers’ experiences,” said Ray Mota, CEO and Principal Analyst, ACG Research. “With its VDR solution, Arrcus is bringing this new paradigm to the router market with its ability to drive unprecedented flexibility, massive scalability, and cost-effectiveness.”

“Customers want solutions that provide flexibility, resiliency, deep visibility and deliver all this with hyperscale performance at the lowest total cost. The Arrcus VDR solution is powered by the unparalleled scale, quality, unified management plane, and the microservices architecture of the production proven ArcOS. We are bringing to the market, a simple, scalable, seamless, and easily consumable solution with a customer friendly business model”, said Devesh Garg, founder and CEO, Arrcus.

Key benefits of the VDR solution, a high-port density, modular routing system include:

  • Massive scale beyond the physical constraints of a chassis (up to 7680 ports of 100G)
  • Lower cost per port compared to a traditional chassis
  • Operational simplicity with a single logical management and control plane
  • High availability comparable to a traditional chassis
  • Seamless deployment across any place in the network – edge, core, data center, metro, aggregation, etc.
  • Standards-based OpenConfig/YANG-model support for easy configuration
  • Deep visibility and analytics powered by ArcIQ
  • Architectural flexibility to run on any hardware platform

Powered by ArcOS and leveraging the latest innovations within networking, the VDR solution delivers Any Service, AnyTime, AnyWhere and offers customers unmatched flexibility, performance, and scale required for today’s complex network environments.

The Arrcus virtualized distributed routing (VDR) solution is available for customer evaluation immediately. For questions around general availability, please contact Arrcus.

Supporting Quotes

Hardware Partners

Bill Brennan, CEO, Credo:
“Arrcus is further disrupting the networking market with its virtualized distributed routing solution that can displace traditional chassis-based systems. As a leader in high-performance connectivity solutions, we are excited about Arrcus’ use of our HiWire™ Active Electrical Cables and welcome the partnership with Arrcus in accelerating the 5G deployment while offering customers the freedom to transform their networks.”

George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks:
“Arrcus is a market leader for open networking solutions with their state-of-the-art offerings for data centers, telcos, and service providers as they roll out 5G-based services. Edgecore’s market-leading 100G/400G open, scalable routing platforms, along with Arrcus’s virtualized distributed routing solution powered by ArcOS®, simplify network operations while delivering unprecedented levels of agility, performance, and scale.”

Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager, Network Applications & Security Products, Keysight Technologies:
“We are proud to partner with Arrcus in transforming the networking industry to support the growth of bandwidth connectivity driven by 5G. The combination of Keysight’s AresONE 400GE test system and the ArcOS network operating system ensure multi-vendor platform interoperability, as well as the validation of a comprehensive set of advanced software features needed by customers moving their data centers to 400GE.”

Vincent Ho, CEO, UfiSpace Co., Ltd.:
“In the new era of intelligent connectivity, 5G plays a critical role in accelerating the industry transformation, which enables telco industry tostand on the edge of existing changes. We are honored to partner with Arrcus to push the boundaries of networking technologies in supporting revolutionary applications and experiments. Together, we are committed to addressing the customer challenges and staying ahead of their needs by offering open and flexible routing solutions that will easily scale capacity and satisfy a diverse set of networking requirements.”

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About Arrcus

Arrcus has raised $49M in funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, General Catalyst, and Clear Ventures. Its Board of Directors includes, Guru Chahal, Partner at Lightspeed, Steve Herrod, Managing Director at General Catalyst and Chris Rust, founder and General Partner at Clear Ventures.

Arrcus was founded to enrich human experiences by interconnecting people, machines, and data. Our mission is to offer the best-in-class software with the most flexible consumption model at the lowest TCO. The Arrcus team consists of world-class technologists who have an unparalleled record in shipping industry-leading networking products, complemented by industry thought leaders, operating executives, and Tier One VCs.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

For more information, go to or follow @arrcusinc.

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