Arrcus Continues Disruption of Traditional Networking With Key Innovations That Accelerate Delivery of 5G Services Across Transport, Cloud and Data Center Networks


SAN JOSE, Calif. – Sep 29, 2022 – Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in core-to-edge infrastructure, today announced the availability of several key innovations that play a critical role in modernizing telco, cloud and data center networks. These technology advancements in the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform further the delivery of 5G services such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and network slicing, improve operational efficiency, and ensure greater resiliency and higher availability.

“Connecting everything in a way that enables the greatest efficiency, flexibility and opportunity for growth requires network operators to employ modern end-to-end technology. We are pleased to work with networking sector disruptor Arrcus to make that happen,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager of the core switching group at Broadcom.

Key traffic engineering innovations in the ACE platform that Arrcus highlighted today include:

  • IGP Flex-Algo: IGP Flex-Algo enables traffic engineering path calculations without a network controller and simplifies operating and extending network slices. ArcOS now delivers support for IGP Flex-Algo on both MPLS and SRv6, including fast reroute support with TI-LFA and micro-loop avoidance
  • Segment Routing – Traffic Engineering (SR-TE): SR-TE allows any network node to determine an explicit forwarding path to meet defined service criteria and then uses the path to steer selected network traffic over SR-MPLS or SRv6 data planes. ArcOS supports steering traffic onto IGP Flex-Algo paths using SR policy based on the BGP color extended community or based on L3VPN service segment identifiers (SIDs).

“Arrcus ACE is disrupting the networking industry and powering network transformation at a massive scale,” said Shekar Ayyar, CEO and chairman at Arrcus. “ArcOS, which is part of the ACE platform, enables the delivery of any networking service, anytime, anywhere. That provides customers with the unmatched flexibility, superior performance, security and scale required in operating today’s complex network environments.”

Key innovations supporting network operations include:

  • Hitless Upgrades: Hitless upgrades ensure minimal downtime and traffic impact during software upgrades on a device without having to take the device out of service. The ArcOS hitless upgrade solution delivers high availability and leverages hardware warm-boot functionality along with data snapshot/relay and mark/sweep mechanisms to provide nonstop forwarding during software upgrades. ArcOS supports hitless upgrades on warm-boot capable Broadcom chipsets for IP Clos and EVPN/VXLAN use cases.
  • Support for high-density 100G/400G and 400G platforms: Arrcus adds support for new platforms from UfiSpace (S9700-23D and S9710-76D) to its router portfolio, based on Broadcom’s StrataDNX Jericho2 (J2) and Jericho2C+ (J2C+) routing silicon. These new platforms are ideal for Carrier Ethernet, 5G edge and core router markets and enable a new generation of switch-router systems with high port density and scale.
  • XR Optics Support: 5G and hyperscale cloud connectivity impose new challenges on operators. XR optics breaks the limitations of traditional point-to-point optical transmission solutions and delivers efficiency and disruptive network economics by drastically reducing the cost of deploying and operating optical networks with support for the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceiver technology. As a member of the Open XR forum, the MSA working group for XR optics, Arrcus is actively collaborating with other members such as UfiSpace to support XR-pluggable coherent optics on specific hardware platforms.

“The adoption of 5G and the introduction of innovative technologies from Arrcus and UfiSpace are driving a network revolution. The network operators that lead this revolution by adopting open, disaggregated architectures will have the agility to move successfully into the future,” said Vincent Ho, CEO, UfiSpace.

For more information on these innovations, contact Arrcus today.

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